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Panchgavye 7 Flavour Dhoop Sticks 1 Box (105 Sticks)

Per 105 piece

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Cow and its products are part of everyday Hindu life, mainly because of the way it boosts health and well-being and strengthens immunity. The purifying and antiseptic properties of the cow dung, also finds multiple uses in our everyday life and worship. One such use is of the Dhoop sticks. When cow ghee is poured on burning dry cow dung, it creates a phenomenal amount of oxygen, which can fight pollution effectively and make the environment more pleasant and liveable. What’s more? The ash from burnt Dhoop sticks has anti septic properties, which can be used to protect plants from insects. So there’s nothing like waste that needs to be disposed when you use a product from the Desi cow, there’s a reuse for every by-product too. These also tend to have ample medicinal and therapeutic properties like healing asthma, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, bronchitis, and digestive problems, etc., all of which also have a cure in aroma therapy. The incense sticks are also very effective in boosting focus and concentration, which is why monks and sages across civilizations have made this an integral part of their monastery and worship places. Burning incense sticks made from the Desi Indian Cow kills harmful bacteria and virus and provides an air of divine purity. Isn’t this a better and healthy way to get rid of those mosquito too rather than using chemical laden mosquito repellents that creates various breathing problems like asthma when inhaled? There are many fragrant Dhoop sticks available in the market, which are made using coal and other artificial fragrances, which do offer a soothing effect, but are harmful when inhaled, just like the insect repellents, and with kids and aging people at home, a new way to make them vulnerable to diseases is surely not what you want. So, always look for incense sticks that are made from Indian cow’s dung in the most aesthetic manner.. And because it is made using all the natural ingredients, the incense sticks are free from chemicals

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